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A business course for leaders and key personnel within a new, small, or emerging church or similar religious organization.  Specifically tailored for religious organizations with an active membership of less than 200, this workshop aims to provide each participant with practical insights and instructions for building and strengthening internal structures, protocols, and practices. 

A complete walk through of everything you need you know to define, manage, and monitor success for any new, small, or struggling church or similar religious organization.  

Learn all the skills and gain the confidence needed to tackle the most daunting situations with ease. 

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The business education every religious leader and staff person need!

  • Learn how to incorporate 6 key principles necessary to build and lead your church to a healthy and vibrant future. 
  • Understand how to utilize sound business practices without compromising the values of the church
  • Understand individual and collective roles and responsibilities of each person and groups of people
  • Learn how to make, monitor, measure, and master goals, operations, and performance to achieve desirable results

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The path to achieving success for a new, small, or struggling faith-based organization takes dedication and time, but if you put your mind to it, your organization will have no problem achieving and sustaining success.  What are you waiting for?



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Success Fundamentals


  • Defining Success
  • Measuring Success
  • Monitoring Success
  • Successful vs Unsuccessful - Contributing Factors
  • 3 Essential Ingredients for Success
  • Downloadable Materials
  • Quick Quiz

Income Success


  • Money Problems Cause Big Problems
  • Know Your Numbers - The 3 minute formula
  • Income Streams - The Basics
  • Income Streams - What works & what works even better
  • Quick Quiz

Members Matter


  • Member Recruitment - What works & what works even better
  • New Member Enrollment - What works & what works even better
  • Member Retention - What works & what works even better
  • The Perfect Member
  • Downloadable Materials
  • Quick Quiz

Worker Success


  • Workforce Problems Cause Big Problems
  • Workforce Building - What works & what works better
  • 7 most important work activities needed now & always!
  • Quick Quiz

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Winning Strategies

Downloadable guides your organization can use to create a solid pathway to success!

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Biz Tips

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Before the workshop, we were concerned about the sustainability of the ministry, especially because we are a relatively new organization and still in the launching stage. However, we are happy to say that we have applied all that we have learned from the workshop and today the ministry supports itself entirely with a congregation of less than 25 people. We are truly grateful for such an outcome shortly after the workshop. This is indeed remarkable, for studies show that small churches (100 people or less) risks loosing members to larger congregations and that the challenge for member retention becomes even greater when the number of congregants within the ministry is 50 or less people.The aforementioned, is due to a number of factors, including the responsibility on each member seems greater when there are less people to aid in the work, sustainability, and growth of the ministry. Thankfully, your workshop showed us, among other important and viable factors, how to truly care for our covenant relationship partners. We found that as we better cared for them, our covenant relationship partners intentionally and greatly cared for the ministry. I would recommend anyone seeking success with the sustainability of their organization and retention of their members to participate in a workshop, such as the one you held for us. It is a pleasure, privilege, and benefit working with your organization. It is without doubt that you are committed to seeing us succeed in our endeavors.
Anes-a Anyanwa Campbell-Edwards Priestess, Integrated Praise Spiritual Center

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