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A complete walk through of everything you need to understand, research, and submit applications and proposals for grant funding for nonprofits.  

The process of grant writing may seem intimidating, but with our expert guidance you'll be up and running faster than you could have ever expected. Learn all the skills and gain the confidence needed to find unlimited grants, submit competitive proposals, even win with any rejections with ease. 

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Chapter 2 The Basics


  • Grants Defined
  • The Grant Writing Process - A Step by Step Overview
  • Quick Quiz

Chapter 3 Grant Readiness


  • How to Determine Grant Readiness
  • Grant Ready Assessment
  • Quick Quiz

Chapter 4 Finding and Tracking Grants


  • Downloadable E-Book "Grants: How and Where to Find Them"
  • How to Find and Track Grants
  • Quick Quiz

Chapter 5 Grant Applications


  • Grant Applications - An Overview
  • Applying for Grants - Tips and Mistakes to Avoid
  • Types of grant applications
  • Non-Government Grants - An Overview
  • Government Grants - An Overview
  • Applying for Federal Grants
  • Quick Quiz

Chapter 6 Financial Matters


  • Budgets & Budget Narratives
  • Before Hiring a Grant Writer
  • Quick Quick
  • Grant Fraud - What is it and how to avoid

Chapter 7 After Grant Applications are Submitted


  • The Grants Review & Elimination process
  • Managing Grants After Awarded
  • Quick Quiz

Chapter 8 Rejected Proposals


  • A Closer Look At Rejection Letters
  • How to Win with Rejected Proposals
  • Quick Quiz

Final Quiz and Certificate

  • Take final quiz and receive your personalized certificate!


Best Practices

Funder Perspectives

Common Mistakes

Rejection Responses

Starting from Scratch

How to Find & Apply

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Bonus Material


Instant Downloads

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Templates and examples to use while conducting your grant writing activities

Private Q&A

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Find unlimited grants

Step by Step guide for finding grants from government, foundations, and other funders.

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