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Everything you need to know to start, run, and even close a nonprofit

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Best Practices

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Common Mistakes

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A complete walk through of everything you need you know to start, manage, and even close down a US-based nonprofit or charitable organization. 

Getting started with managing a charitable organization may seem intimidating, but with our expert guidance you'll be up and running faster than you could have ever expected.  Learn all the skills and gain the confidence needed to tackle the most daunting situations with ease. 

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  • Welcome!
  • Quick Facts about Nonprofits

Chapter 2 Legal Formation


  • Common Formation Pitfalls To Avoid
  • Articles of Incorporation How To
  • Articles of Incorporation - What can be changed & how
  • Employer identification Number EIN How To
  • Bylaws & Conflict policy
  • Charity Registry
  • State Tax Exemption Application
  • Federal Tax Exemption Application
  • Churches and 501c3 - Information every church should know
  • Downloadable Formation Materials
  • Formation Quick Quiz

Chapter 3 Programs & Activities


  • Community Programs Checklist
  • How to Determine the Needs of the Community
  • Community Programs 101
  • Program Activities (From Ideas to Action)
  • Downloadable Community Programming Materials
  • Community Programs Quiz

Chapter 4 Fundraising & Money Management


  • Financial Management Checklist
  • Bookkeeping Basics
  • How to Avoid Funds Mismanagement, Misappropriation, Fraud, and Theft
  • Nonprofit Revenue/Money Sources
  • How to Achieve Long-Term Financial Sustainability
  • How to Meet Quick or Short-Term Financial Needs
  • Connecting Money & Mission (Public Benefit organizations)
  • Connecting Money & Mission (Churches)
  • Connecting Money & Mission (501c6 Mutual Benefit organizations)
  • Unrelated Business Income (UBI) Introduction
  • Unrelated Business Income (UBI) - What is it & Why does it matter?
  • Downloadable Financial Management Materials
  • Nonprofit Money Quiz

Chapter 5 Human Resources & Workforce


  • Workforce Management Checklist
  • Common Workforce Pitfalls To Avoid
  • How to Build a Nonprofit Workforce from Scratch
  • Types of Employment - An Overview
  • Downloadable Workforce Management Materials
  • Nonprofit Workforce Quiz

Chapter 6 Marketing & Outreach


  • Marketing & Outreach Checklist
  • 10 Items Every Nonprofit Website Should Have
  • Simple Month-to-Month Marketing Plan to use
  • Downloadable Marketing & Outreach Materials
  • Nonprofit Marketing Quiz

Chapter 7 Board, Leadership and Governance


  • Leadership & Board Checklist
  • Organizational Charts for public benefit, church, and membership-based
  • The Founder, Officers, and Board Roles & Responsibilities
  • Building a Board from Scratch
  • Advisory Committees 101
  • Board Meetings, Agendas, Resolutions
  • Downloadable Board & Leadership Materials
  • Nonprofit Leadership Quiz

Chapter 8 Compliance & Credibility


  • Common Compliance Pitfalls To Avoid
  • Compliance & Credibility Checklist
  • IRS Form 990
  • Nonprofit Compliance is a Really Big Deal
  • Nonprofit Compliance Quiz

Chapter 9 Nonprofit Dissolution (Close Down)


  • How to Properly Close Down a Nonprofit (step by step)
  • Downloadable Dissolution/Close Down Materials

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